Top Two Game Apps On IOS And Android Using Crossbows

The Dishonored game release date is soon, in fact it is October 9, 2012. In just a few weeks you will be able to play a game that tries to be incredibly creative and unique. If you want a change of pace and something a bit different from the usual actions games out there on the market today, Dishonored is definitely a game you need to play.

The Dishonored characters are scattered throughout the game, while there are some you assassinate, others you will learn about later as the game progresses. In the end, you will get to know about the characters that Corvo has associated with in the past, as well as learn a bit more about the Outsider that granted you your abilities.

Dishonored gameplay makes use of several abilities. These abilities help make the game feel unique. As Corvo you can use weapons such as swords and crossbows to take out opponents, but utilizing the powers is what makes the game much more fun. For example, the freeze time ability makes it so that you can move out of the way of attacks or place your opponents in front of gunfire. You can use wind blast techniques to force open doors and redirect bullets, as well as throw opponents back.

Described as a mixture of both the God and Devil this person gives Corvo all of the powers that he uses throughout the game. There is no explanation as to why The Outsider gave the powers to Corvo; he just gives them for the sake of giving. As Corvo you break out of prison and begin to take on assassination missions, each mission brings you a step closer to the person who framed you.

There are even teleportation abilities and the powers to possess animals. The unique aspect about the gameplay is that you have a lot of free range in the missions. You can explore the environments, due to the fact that they have a great amount of detail. In addition to this, you can play using either a full-on action sense in which you rush in, take down foes, and perform the assassination or you can be more stealthy and avoid as many enemies as possible, sneak through the environment, and still take out your enemy.

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